Welcome, Doctor Hotaling!

November 28th, 2012 § 2 comments


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We welcome Doctor Jim Hotaling as a contributor to Maledoc. Doctor Hotaling is a male infertility specialist with interests in erectile dysfunction, surgical innovation, epidemiology of infertility, and the statistical genetics of male infertility. He graduated magna cum laude from Dartmouth with majors in chemistry and history, completed medical school at Duke in 2006, and finished a six year urology residency at the University of Washington in 2012.  His goal is to expand the scope of genetic tests available to enable patients and physicians to understand what causes male infertility. He’s also studying how bicycle riding contributes to erectile dysfunction and how to solve that problem with engineering. Welcome, Doctor Hotaling!


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  • Tom says:

    Hi Doctor Hotaling!

    I’m a mountain biker, and i ride some ‘cross bike as well. I put in between 5 and 6 hours a week, usually doing really no more than 10-13 miles at a time (be it on a ‘cross bike on the road, or mountain bike). I’m assuming erectile dysfunction relative to biking happens to riders who put a lot more time in the saddle than me. For instance i have friends who ride 40-50 miles at a time. Do you concur?

    I’m curious to hear your thoughts on riding and erectile dysfunction, just so i can be preventative. For instance, i try to remember to stand while doing climbs, just to relieve any pressure. Further, i have cut channel saddles, and one that is even a split nose saddle. Would you argue that a proper saddle can alleviate concerns?

    I simply love biking too much to ever give it up. It’s a great and important part of my life.

    I have been dealing with low T, and i had varicocele surgery in april, but i’m fine now and biking again. Clomid raised my T, but after 8 months on it, i started feeling a bit “off” on it. I’ve switched over to HCG.

    • maledoc says:

      Unfortunately, we can’t comment on personal medical issues such as your hormones. The FAQ has some suggestions as to how to find a good doctor. As for cycling, we haven’t found a seat that’s truly protective, so our current recommendation is ride with the one that’s most comfortable for you. Getting up off the seat definitely alleviates the force on the arteries supplying the penis. We’re working on some engineering solutions that will hopefully allow a man to ride on the seat that he likes best while minimizing damage to the arteries responsible for erection.