Doctor’s Corner: Introducing The Blurbomatic!

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Doctor’s Corner

Electronic Medical Record systems generally are terrible. Admirably intended to render doctors’ notes legible and keep records around for a while, these systems mostly slow rather than accelerate or streamline a doctor’s work.  By consuming extra, precious time, these systems can get in the way of caring for a patient.

We’ve made a little gadget in our engineering lab that may help.  It’s called the Blurbomatic.  It’s designed to hold the blurbs that doctors write over and over and over again in Electronic Medical Record systems, so that physicians can spend less time writing and more time taking care of patients. The Blurbomatic is also a good tool for students learning how to diagnose and treat medical problems.

Right now the blurbs are all about urology, but we’d like more doctors to contribute.  If you’re an interested medical professional, please check out the site, where you’ll find instructions on how to join and add blurbs.  Even if you’re not an editor, you can still use the blurbs in your notes, and if you sign up, you may comment on existing blurbs.