Timing Sex

May 27th, 2010 § 9 comments § permalink

If you’re trying to get pregnant, something useful to know is how often to have sex.  Sperm counts peak at two to three days after ejaculation, meaning, after you have sex (or masturbate,) the swimmers will be most abundant two to three days later.  Sperm live for about 48 hours in the female reproductive tract, so the optimum timing is sex every other day.

However, don’t freak out if you have an especially romantic weekend with a little extra frequent activity, or get caught up and miss a few days.  Stressing out about sex is counter productive, as stress itself can result in poorer sperm quality.

I’m often asked when during the month (or cycle) a couple should try to conceive.  Studies show that conception usually happens up to six days before, and ending on, ovulation.  The big problem is that all tests for ovulation show the event after it happens.  So a good plan is start having sex every other day after menstruation ends, and keep going until the next menstruation.

So, soldier on.  Have sex every other day.  Doctors orders.